Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council commemorate Kashmir Martyrs Day in UK with due respect

London: Vows to continue Kashmiri martyrs mission till the liberation of IOJ&K from clutches of Indian tyrannical rule:

Chairman Global Pak Kashmir Supreme Council Raja Sikander Khan along with President GPKSC Kala Khan, Secretary General GPKSC Zahid Khan and all the office bearers of GPKSC today paid tribute to all the martyrs of 13th July 1931 as well as all the martyrs since whom over hundred thousand have sacrificed their lives for their freedom struggle.

Chairman GPKSC Raja Sikander Khan also paid tribute on various webinar conferences held by various organisations especially by president Tehreek e Kashmir UK Fahim Kiyani where the Kashmiri leaders across the globe participated and also at a another webinar conference hosted by High Commissioner of Pakistan in London H E Nafis Zakria where Honourable Prime Minister of AJ&K as well as British, Pakistani, AJ&K Parliamentarians along with political, community & Kashmiri leaders participated and Chairman Raja Sikander Khan firstly paid tribute to the 22 martyrs of 13th July 1931 and than said its now been 89 years since the Kashmiri freedom struggle started and so far we have not been successful in order our IOJ&K brothers & sisters to embrace freedom and the question put down by the chief Raja Sikander was to Why we are still struggling to put our voices across to the International Community to be heard and so far the International Community, the UN, the OIC, the champions of Human Rights have failed to hear the echoes of our innocent little angels of children whom have been tortured, molested, raped and killed, they have ignored the cries of our daughters, sisters and mothers whom also are being tortured, molested, raped and have been used as a weapon of war to humiliate them but their strength, & courage has not weakened and they are still sacrificing the deaths of their sons, brothers, husbands and fathers and now the time is even worse than ever for them since 13th July 1931 due to the abrogation of article 370 & 35 A and the curfew & lockdown in place since 5th August last year therefor the Chief Raja Sikander Khan appealed to everyone to please unite on one platform with only one slogan and that is the right of self determination for the people of IOJ&K.

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