UK charity provides urgent lifesaving aid to those affected by mass flooding in Mexico

Birmingham: Storm Eta has wreaked havoc in Southern Mexico in the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, and Veracruz, claiming 27 lives so far and damaging 3,700 homes. Torrential rains over the weekend have caused mass flooding and small villages on the outskirts have been affected with landslides and blocked roads, displacing 90,000 people.

Local authorities have stated that more than 1.7 million people and over one million homes in Mexico have been affected and 200 killed. Many have lost their belongings and are in urgent need for help to survive. Some have been relocated by boat to local shelters whilst others have returned to their damaged homes left with little to nothing.

Muslim Hands has been working in Mexico for over six years through our partner organisation Mision Para El Dawa En Mexico AC and will be responding by delivering lifesaving aid in the city of Chiapas to those affected, which include women, children, and the elderly. Aid will include emergency food packs, water, blankets, and mattresses.

To find out more about Muslim Hands and the work we do visit or call 0115 9117222.

Yasrab Shah, Muslim Hands Fundraising Director, said:

‘With global warming causing natural disasters to frequently occur across the world, Mexico has faced the brunt of severe flooding which has killed hundreds and affected thousands. We are responding to this urgent situation by delivering lifesaving aid and through your donations we can ensure that the people of Mexico have the basics to survive’.

Hafith Umar Perez, Director of Islamic Community in Mexico, said:

‘We reside in the state of Chiapas and along with our neighbours have suffered the effects of serious flooding. People have been displaced and many have lost their belongings and now find themselves in dire need of help for survival. Urgent items are needed such as food, water, and blankets. These few basic items will make a world of difference to those families that have been affected by this disaster’.

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