I’m a Home Office Presenting Officer: Ask me Anything

London: We Presenting Officers can usually be put into two categories. The first group is unable to see anything wrong with any decision and will defend it at all costs. Although hopefully they’re few and far between, anyone with a bit of experience before the tribunal has probably come across them. Then you have the second group. Most of us are law graduates who came to the Home Office just to get some experience whilst applying for pupillage or training contracts. The relative flexibility and decent pay kept us here way longer than we’d planned.
So what’s it really like for Home Office Presenting Officers? Well, first of all there’s the training. Most of my younger colleagues were fresh out of university when they started, although having a law degree is not always a requirement of the job, so in theory anyone who can demonstrate the required competencies could in a month be defending the Secretary of State in appeals.
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