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World Health Organization and INGO’s must be allowed to avoid CoronaVirus catastrophe in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir

Lack of Screening and Test Looms fear over Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Senior Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader and President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat has said that India is not taking precautionary measures, nor providing health facilities in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in a bid to traumatize and inflict harm to the Kashmiri people.

Bhat further said that after the revocation of Article 350 and 35A the situations in IOJK&L worsened, people suffered Mentally, Physically, Economically, Financially, and Socially. Now with the new challenge i.e COVID-19, the besieged people of Kashmir are at greater risk because this Virus spreads at an alarming speed, and if not controlled or treated well it would engulf large sum of population. We have examples in front of us, Italy, Spain and Germany where within a month the affected cases surpassed 50 – 60 thousand, and despite being developed countries with developed Healthcare institution they couldn’t minimize the loss of lives.

Senior Hurriyat leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat further said that Hospitals in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir have an acute shortage of doctors and paramedics, while its healthcare facilities are insufficient to meet the crisis which has unsettled countries with world-class medical infrastructure. Given the situation, residents of the valley fear the potentially disastrous consequences of the coronavirus pandemic after the first coronavirus related death in the region on Thursday.

” Healthcare Researchers and Doctors have noticed that this virus thrives in lower temperatures, and support their argument with the rising cases of death and affectees in Italy, Spain and the USA that lower temperature geographies are most prone to the effect of this Virus. While the Indian Government and Local administration at Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir are not prepared for the worst, they are not Testing actively for the positive cases. This could lead to catastrophe if not addressed NOW.” Bhat added.

Altaf Ahmed Bhat appealed to the World Health Organization and all International Organizations to act practically, pressurize India and save the lives of besieged Kashmiris from the catastrophe of CoronaVirus.

Bhat also showed concern over the illegal detention of Kashmiri Hurriyat Leaders and said that this virus spreads fastly in Jails, and every country releases the prisoners to save their life, but the Indian government is deliberately keeping the Hurriyat Leaders in jails.
International humanitarian Organizations must pressurize Indian Fascist government to release Dr Hameed Fayaz, Zafar Akber Bhat, Yasin Malik, Asiya Andrabi’, Shabir Ahmed Shah, Masarat Aalam Butt and all other Kashmiri prisoners unconditionally.

President JKSM while telling about the blockade of the Internet in IOJK said that, Amid the alarming threat of the spread of COVID-19, Kashmir also faces a crippling blockade of high-speed internet which has effectively hampered an effective awareness campaign among the people as well as among doctors. High-speed internet services in the region have been blocked since August to prevent protests against the abrogation of the region’s autonomy.

The low-speed internet is handicapping Doctors, Nurses, and Researchers to get their hands on Instruction manuals, Research Papers, and Safety Guidelines from around the globe. In wake of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the Indian government must restore full access to internet services in the region of Jammu and Kashmir and ensure that people have full access to health and safety-related information.

Bhat prayed for the departed soul-65 years old Male from Hyderpora Srinagar- and demanded the Indian government to allow International NGOs, and Health Organizations to handle the coronavirus situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir before its too late.

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