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Massacre of Muslims, India’s ploy to change IoJK’s demography: Speakers

Islamabad: Speakers at a webinar hosted by Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR) have said that the ruthless massacre of Muslims in the Indian occupied Kashmir was a deep-rooted conspiracy to change the region’s demography. 

The webinar titled “January the Month of Massacre: Remembering the Victims” held on Jan 27, 2022 was attended and addressed by noted human rights activists, academicians and law experts hailing from different parts of the world including Mary Scully Human Rights Activist, Sheni Hamid Human Rights Activist, Ali Raza Syed Chairman Kashmir Council EU & Claire Bidwell Founder Let Kashmir Decide, whereas the KIIR chairman Altaf Hussain Wani moderated the event. 

Citing the brutal massacres committed by the Indian forces over the past three decades, the panelists said that Indian troops have been committing mass murder of innocent civilians since 1989 in Kashmir. Terming January as the bloody month of carnage, they said that between 1990-1998 five major incidents of mass-killings have taken place in the region in which blood of innocent people was spilled over with impunity. They said that most of these dreadful incidents took place in January, which has been listed in Kashmir’s recent history as the month of massacres. 

 They said that over 100,000 Kashmiris had fallen to the Indian bullets in the past 32 years and that the memories of massacre bloodbaths continue to bruise hearts and minds of Kashmiris. “The victims of the state-sponsored-terrorism are still wandering from pillar to post in search of justice. Despite the fact that investigation reports have established beyond doubt the Indian army and other security institution’s direct involvement in these incidents of the violence”, they said adding that no action whatsoever was taken against the perpetrators.

The systematic and state-sponsored massacres, they said, were meant to alter the demographic complexion of the Muslim majority state make-up of Jammu. Terming these massacres as the replica of Jammu massacre they said that India’s racist regime was hell bent on turning majority into a minority in the valley the way they reduced Muslims who were a majority (61 per cent) in the Jammu region into a minority through ruthless slaughter and forced displacement hundreds of thousands in 1947. 

The panellists urged the international Human Rights bodies to probe massacres committed by Indian troops in the occupied Kashmir and use their good offices to hold the Indian government accountable of the war crimes being committed against Kashmiris by the trigger-happy occupation forces.

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