Tehreek e Kashmir UK organised Jammu Martyrs Day Conference

London: To remember the Martyrs of Jammu and to carry their mission till the Freedom of Kashmir, Tehreek e Kashmir UK organised Jammu Martyrs Day Conference.

The conference was chaired by Fahim Kayani President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK and moderated by Rehana Ali Information secretary TeK UK.While the Guest Speakers included Abdul Rashid Turabi MLA, Ex Ameer Jamaat e Islami Gilgit Baltistan and Chairman Public Accounts Committee, Altaf Ahmed Bhat Senior Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader & Chairman JK Salvation Movement, Lord Qurban Hussain, Naureen Farooq Ibrahim MNA & Member Kashmir Parliamentary Committee, Syed Faiz Naqshbandi Convener All Parties Hurriyat Conference Pakistan/ AJK, Muhammad Ghalib President Tehreek-e-Kashmir Europe, Shaista Safi Kashmir Lobbyist and Muhammad Umar Human Rights Activist.

On the occasion, Kayani said the Jammu martyrs was the first planned ethnic cleansing carried out by Hindus to convert the Muslim majority population into minority in IIOJ&K.

“The martyrdom of 0.3 million Muslims was the beginning of the demographic change in IIOJ&K, ” President TeK UK Kayani added.

Abdul Rasheed Turabi, Convener All-Party Coordinating Council and Chairman Public Accounts Committee, has said that global colonialism is laying a web of conspiracies against Muslims and Islam.
The US-Israel-India alliance is a deep conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah. Muslims should unite and thwart these conspiracies of anti-Islamic forces. India’s occupation of Kashmir is utterly aggressive. India wants to achieve its nefarious goals by changing the proportion of the population in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The ongoing independence movement in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is a movement for the right to self-determination. Kashmiri people are fighting for their rights. India wants to suppress the independence movement by force.

Chairman Public Accounts committee AJK Abdul Rasheed Turabi added that The Kashmiri people will continue their struggle for independence till they reach their destination. The steps taken by India are a conspiracy to end the independence movement in Kashmir. And eternal sacrifices have been made. These sacrifices require that the freedom movement be brought to a logical conclusion.

President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that The historic struggle and sacrifices for the freedom and right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people are part of history. The Kashmiri people are fighting for the integrity of Pakistan and the completion of Pakistan. It is the responsibility of base camp to guide the diaspora to work efficiently and effectively as being carried by Tehreek e Kashmir Uk under the leadership of President Tek Fahim Kayani.

Bhat added that, after the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A Fascist Modi is using a so-called agency: National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to harass, arrest the Hurriyat Leaders, Charity organisations, NGO’s. These tactics are being used to suppress Kashmiris and to refrain them from the demand of Freedom From India as per the Resolutions of the United Nations.

Addressing the conference, Lord Qurban said that the international community must end its double standards and give the Kashmiri people their birthright which India has usurped. The dream of peace in the South Asian region cannot be embraced unless Kashmiris are given the right to freedom. While it is vital for work together internationally for Kashmir cause, we should reach to MPs, International organisations and let them know the sufferings of besieged people of Kashmir.

Naureen Farooq Ibrahim MNA & Member Kashmir Parliamentary Committee said that 6 Nov was the darkest day in the history of Kashmir when more than 300,000 people were killed, including Children and Women.

Convener All Party Hurriyat Conference Faiz Naqshbandi said that Kashmiri people have sacrificed their lives, property, honour and dignity in every possible way. The struggle of Kashmiri people is following the UN Charter of Independence Can’t end Kashmir independence movement Kashmiris will continue their struggle till the last Indian soldier leaves Kashmir and achieves the right to self-determination.

President TeK Europe Muhammad Ghalib said overseas Kashmiris will continue to support IIOJ&K people till the achievement of their right of self-determination. He said the world knows that India is violating human rights in IIOJ&K and it is ripe time for the international community to impose sanctions on India.

Kashmir lobbyist Shaista Safi said every day in IIOJ&K is Jammu martyrs day saying every day our brothers are being martyred by Indian occupational forces which is condemn able. The world has to come forward to listen to Kashmiris demands.

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