Kashmir Black Day on 27 October

Humanity continues to suffer as the Indian siege of the Occupied Kashmir enters 82ndday, the High Commissioner, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria said to the media on the occasion of Juma (Friday) Prayer at the Pakistan High Commission, London today.

The High Commission has been regularly observing solidarity with Kashmiris since the siege started on 5thAugust 2019 with unilateral measures by India to change the status of Kashmir. Today’s expression of solidarity also marked Kashmir Black Day, which the Kashmiris observe on 27thOctober every year.

27thOctober marks the illegal landing of Indian troops in Jammu and Kashmir and the genocide and forcible expulsion of Kashmiri Muslims from Jammu. Maharaja Dogra’s forces with India occupation forces and RSS (Hindu terrorist outfit of India) slaughtered around half a million Kashmiri Muslims and expelled one million from Jammu in 07 days during October/November 1947. Kashmiris observe that genocide as Youm-e-Shuhada-e-Jammu every year on 6 November.

For Kashmiris, illegitimate landing of Indian forces was also the beginning of an era of mass killings, mass blindings, mass rapes, disappearances, false encounters and associated human sufferingsthat continue unabated.

In his talk to media, the High Commissioner appreciated the British Parliamentarians and civil society members who raised their voice and concern over the plight of the Kashmiris which, he added, should give assurance to the oppressed Kashmiris and warn the perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

The High Commissioner called upon the international community to play their role to deliver justice to the Kashmiri victims and end sufferings of the Kashmiri people. He reiterated Pakistan’s diplomatic, moral and political support to the Kashmiris.

On the occasion, the images and media reports pertaining to the genocide, and photos depicting the plight of Kashmiris, mass graves and pellet gun victims were also displayed. These photos, documented by various international institutions and human rights organisations, helped visitors understand the magnitude of the human rights abuses in IOK.

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