Kashmiris urged to petition against Islamophobic Kashmir Files in UK

LONDON — Amid growing fear triggered by screening of the so-called Kashmir Files movie, Kashmiris in the UK were urged to file petitions against the propaganda film to avert any mishap in view of the anti-Muslim hate propagated by the Indian movie.

Fahim Kayani, president of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, warned that the after effects of the movie are alarming and “can hurt Kashmiris in the UK.”

“This Islamophobic movie has potential to trigger violence against Kashmiri students, professionals, businessmen or otherwise in the UK,” said Kayani.

“Everyone is urged to write letters and petitions to their MPs, BBFC( British Board of Film Classification)  and police to warn against screening of this propaganda movie,” Kayani said.

The Kashmir Files is a disruptive and violent movie which has been produced to demonize the Muslim population of Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK), said the Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK president.

“We are nor against Kashmiri Hindus but this movie has the potential to perpetrate violence against Muslim population of the IIoJK, thus, everyone in the UK is urged to take precautionary measures and influence people not to screen this movie. It is mere one more act to perpetrate Islamophobia and harm Muslims,” Kayani said.

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