Kashmiris struggle for freedom, not revival of article-370: AJK president

ISLAMABAD, July 3: The AJK President Sardar Masood Khan has said that the Indian rulers had been using articles 370 and 35-A of their constitution as a tool to validate their unlawful occupation of Kashmiri, and feeling no further need, they have now repealed both these articles.

Addressing a webinar under the auspices of the Department of International Relations of Islamia University Bahawalpur, he said that the struggle of the Kashmiri people was not aimed at repeal or revival of any article of the Indian constitution but for their freedom and the inherent right to self-determination.

He declared that the struggle of the Kashmiri people would continue till the achievement of the goal.

Meanwhile, in his sharp reaction over the systematic state terrorism being perpetrated by the Indian Army in Occupied Kashmir, the state president said in a statement on Saturday, that the martyrdom of five Kashmiri youth at the hands of Indian troops was the worst example of the state terrorism.

He pointed out that the Indian troops, during their so-called search and siege operation, dragged a 17 years old Zakir Bashir from his home, subjected to the worst torture, and then shot him dead. “The Indian Army has been targeting the youth and the children in Occupied Kashmir because India fears resistance from them against its unlawful and illegal occupation of the state,” he added.

Sardar Masood Khan regretted that the reports presented by the UN Secretary General António Guterres presented in the Security Council recently speak of brutalizing of just 39 Kashmiri children instead of dealing threadbare with the mass massacre of Kashmiri children. “The UN secretary general should constitute a commission to probe Indian brutalities against the Kashmiri children so that the world knows the factual sitautioin,” he added.

The AJK president warned that every incident in occupied Kashmir is fueling the fire of anti-India hatred, and the collective hatred of the Kashmiri people against India is now becoming a volcano.

He called upon the international community, United Nations and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to take notice of the ongoing systematic ethnic cleansing in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and hold the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government accountable for their crimes against humanity.

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