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Newspaper Tallies 33,293 Dead Migrants

A German newspaper has published a list of 33,293 people it says died while trying to immigrate to Europe between 1993 and May of this year. The list, published by daily Der Tagesspiegel Thursday, covered 46 pages and included names, ages and countries of origin, when available, as well as how the victims died and their date of death. Often, though, they never were identified. The newspaper said it wanted to document, “the asylum-seekers, refugees and migrants who died since 1993 as a consequence of the restrictive policies of Europe on the continent’s outer borders or inside Europe.” Some of the immigrants who succeeded in reaching Europe later died in violent attacks or killed themselves in custody while waiting to be deported back to their home countries. “We want to honor them” Der Tagesspiegel wrote. “And at the same time, we want to show that every line tells a story…and that the list keeps getting longer, day by day.”

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