Urdu Mushaira held at Pakistan High Commission London

Urdu Mushaira held at Pakistan High Commission London – An Evening with Iftikhar Arif

Pakistan High Commission London arranged an “Evening with Iftikhar Arif”, a renowned Pakistani poet, in collaboration with Urdu Markaz London on 03 May 2019. The event was held in keeping with the tradition of the High Commission to promote Urdu language and literature and connect the young British Pakistanis with their cultural heritage.

A large number of Urdu poetry loving Pakistani community and fans of Iftikhar Arif attended the Mushaira.

In his welcome remarks, High Commissioner, Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, underlined the importance of national language in transmitting national heritage and cultural ethos to the future generations. Mr Zakaria also paid tribute to the Quiad-i-Azam, Allama Iqbal and Maulvi Abdul Haq for their efforts and work to promote Urdu. In this regard, he noted that the Government of Pakistan set up several institutions for the promotion of national language.

The High Commissioner commended Iftikhar Arif for his contribution to promote Urdu language and poetry in Pakistan as well as abroad. Appreciating Dr Javaid Sheikh, Chairman Urdu Markaz London for his services to advance Urdu in the UK, Mr Zakaria sought a plan from Urdu Markaz London to teach Urdu to the British Pakistani youth and offered all possible assistance from the High Commission in that pursuit.

Iftikhar Arif recited his famous poems and ghazals and spellbound the audience. He also shared the fond memories of his stay in London along with other literary giants of Pakistan. Iftikhar Arif gave a detailed talk on the past and present of Urdu language and literature. He emphasized on efforts to promote Urdu language which is the custodian of a great cultural heritage.

Professor Iftikhar Malik of Bath University, UK, delivered an enlightening lecture on Allama Iqbal’s “Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” where he argued that Iqbal did not see East and West in reference to clash of civilizations. Prof. Iftikhar said according to Iqbal Islam is a universal religion and, therefore, Western achievements in science, philosophy, literature, human management, and politics are all part of Islamic tradition. He also shed light on Iqbal’s focus of Ijtehad, which means creating new ideas and new solutions to new challenges.

Some local Urdu poets also presented their poetry and received applause from the attendees. Dr Javaid Sheikh briefed the audience about the work of Urdu Markaz London. On this occasion, poet Ayub Aulia presented his book “Nairang-e-Nazar” to the High Commissioner. A young local poet, Faizan Arif moderated the event.

It was a memorable evening thoroughly enjoyed by the lovers of Urdu language and literature.

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