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Important message Pir Syed Munawar Hussain Shah Jamati

Birmingham: Ulma e Jamaat e Ahl e Sunnat organized an important meeting by the World Muslim Forum. The meeting was held under the supervision of Mehr ul Millat Alhaj Pir Syed Mohammed Munawar Hussain Shah Jamati Custodian of Astana Aliya Ameer e Millat Alipur Syedan Sharif at Jamia Mehr ul Millat, Shakespeare street. Speakers condemned the recent announcement of Welder (CEO of Shell). They said Welder wants to divide the European community and try to support the people who are spreading anti-Muslims hate crimes and Islamophobia. The world community should stop Welder’s negative activities and promote peace harmony and interfaith relations. They also said we should give a respect to every religion and their founders. In attendance were Sahibzada Syed Nouman Hussain Shah Jamati, Sahibzada Syer Rashid Ahmed Jamati, Allama Zaffar Ullah Shah, Mufti Fazal Ahmed Qadri, Al-Shaykh Misbah ul Malik Luqmanvi, Allama Ghafoor Ahmed Chishty, Mohammed Saeed Moghal MBE, Hafiz Saeed Ahmed Makki, Mufti Naseer Ullah Naqshbandi, Allama Shafique Ahmed Jamati, Mufti Abdul Karim Jamati, Allama Ashfaq Alam Qadri, Sahibzada Mohammed Shoaib Chishty, Raja Mohammed Nawaz, Allama Mohammed Anwar Qamar, Allama Qari Mohammed Tayyab Naqshbandi, Shaykh Umar Hayyat Qadri, Allama Mohammed Ameen and many others. Report by S M IRFAN TAHIR Photojournalist / Member National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Great Britain.

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