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President INSPAD meets with Australian educationist Mr. Scott Webber

Islamabad: President Think tank Institute of Peace and Development INSPAD & Ambassador of Peace Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum said that terrorists have no believe in religion, terrorism happening all over the world but western media and their agents poisoning against Muslims and Islam,it’s not reality and justice. He was talking with Australian educationist & higher official of Western Sydney University Mr. Scott Webber here today. Famous Educationist and Chairperson INSPAD Education Committee Mrs. Kishwar Aqeel and Mr. Asif Iqbal Chaudhary CEO NEXCO Education consultant where also in the meeting. Sardar Tahir Tabassum said that we respect all religions and believed that Abraham’s religion have same message of harmonious peace. Islam is religion of peace, tolerance & brotherhood. Pakistan raising literacy rate and quality of education. He said that Pakistan is peace loving country, no discrimination with minorities. Pakistani students taking an interest in higher education in abroad, Australia had best reputation in higher education, we will motivate more students to join universities in Australia for latest technology and modern education and training. He offer to Mr. Scott Webber that INSPAD ready to cooperate with your university in this sacred cause. Mr Scott Webber said that Pakistan is really very peaceful country and he will explain to his country colleagues and media who campaigning against Islam and Pakistan.

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