Scotland Yard to Carry Out ‘Urgent Assessment of Disclosure’ After Rape Trial Collapses

Scotland Yard is carrying out an “urgent assessment” after a rape prosecution collapsed due to the late disclosure of evidence that undermined the case. The trial of Liam Allan, 22, was halted at Croydon crown court on Thursday and the judge called for a review of disclosure of evidence by the Metropolitan police, as well as an inquiry at the Crown Prosecution Service, the Times reported. Police are understood to have looked at thousands of phone messages when reviewing evidence but it was not until the prosecution was close to trial that Met officers disclosed messages between the complainant and her friends that cast doubt on the case against Allan. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said it offered no evidence in the case on Thursday as it was decided “there was no longer a realistic prospect of conviction”. Speaking outside court, Allan told The Times: “I can’t explain the mental torture of the past two years. I feel betrayed by the system which I had believed would do the right thing – the system I want to work in.”

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