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The International Kashmir Tele Conference organized by Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK

London, Islamabad : Despite social distances and the world’s limitations due to the Coronavirus, Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK held an unprecedented international teleconference on Kashmir to inform the world about Indian atrocities in Kashmir amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

The International Kashmir Tele Conference organized by Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK promised the international community to remember Kashmir and Kashmiris in an atmosphere of fear of CoronaVirus.

The conference was attended by the President of the Independent Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan as the Chief Guest and was presided over by Raja Fahim Kayani, President of the Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK.

Hurriyat leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat, Shadow Minister Afzal Khan MP of the British Parliament, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Lord Qurban Hussain, Youth for Kashmir leader Ms. Shaista Safi, and former Councillor Shakeel Khan, Deputy Secretary-General of the Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK also spoke on the occasion.

President State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan said that People of Indian Occupied Kashmir are in double lockdown during coronavirus, and Indian military occupation and oppression is more dangerous than coronavirus.

Indian forces are martyring innocent Kashmiris under the guise of fake encounters, The world should take notice of the genocide of Kashmiris.
And thousands of Kashmiris are being held in various jails in India. India is not taking any notice of the orders issued by the United Nations for the safety of prisoners during the coronavirus pandemic.

President Sardar Masood Khan further said that, Moreover, India is using black laws to fabricate fake cases to silence Kashmiri journalists. While during the lockdown with the introduction of new Domicile Law India is trying to change the Muslim-majority region of Indian Jammu and Kashmir into a minority Muslim state by amending the domicile law, which is a crime under international law.

Shadow Minister Afzal Khan during his address said that while the world is facing this enormous challenge in the form of COVID-19 and all the countries, and leaders are lending their hands to each other, meanwhile Indian Fascist Modi and his companions are busy profilinf Muslims, killing young Kashmiris in fake encounters, harassing families and women in so called cordon and search operations. This is the true face of Neo Nazist India and Modi which must be exposed to the world.

President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Raja Fahim Kayani on the occasion said that British Parliamentarians have expressed concern over human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir during this double lockdown period while assuring that, “We will speak out against this atrocity in the British Parliament and it is the moral and legal responsibility of the United Nations to implement its resolutions.”He further said that after August 5, with the Kashmir issue, a large number of British MPs had
Condemned the coercive actions of India.

Addressing the conference Kashmiri Hurriyat Leader Altaf Ahmed Bhat said that in this world of narcissism and fear, the way in which the Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK has shaken the international conscience through teleconference on Kashmir is unprecedented. The BJP lead Hindu Nationalist Government under Fascist Modi is trying to intimidate the brave Kashmiri people with their inhumane and cruel strategies.
But Indian fascist soldiers and their fascist rulers, especially the fascist Prime Minister Hitler Modi, do not know that Kashmiris do not accept or surrender to any oppression or fear.”Coronavirus has made the world realize what a lockdown is,” Bhat added,

Bhat further said that We here in Pakistan and you in the UK, your police, army and other agencies have locked down, while in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir Where the occupational army is present at the doors of our homes – and taking advantage of this twin lockdown, the genocide of Kashmiris is being carried out daily, and youngsters are targeted.

Under the so-called Un-Lawful Acts such as UAPA, PSA etc the but brave people are being arrested, even the Journalists are being harassed and FIR’s are filed against them. Which means only putting pressure on the Kashmiri people to deprive them of their basic rights, and to suppress their voice for freedom movement.

Altaf Ahmed Bhat said it was a mistake of the Indian rulers to think that because of these fascist and inhumane tactics Kashmiris will surrender to India.

Bhat said that in this pandemic situation, it is the responsibility Sons of Soil: MP Afzal Khan, Lord Nazeer, Lord Qurban, Fahim Kayani, Shaista Safi, Dr Fai and other Kashmiri representatives around the world to ensure that India’s aggressive campaigns, atrocities and propaganda in Europe and other parts of the world must be thwarted.

Lord Nazir on the occasion said that Kashmiris of Britain and Europe are raising their voices against the atrocities being perpetrated on their motherland in every forum.

Lord Nazir added that It is the result of the sacrifices of the people of Occupied Kashmir and the efforts of the British Kashmiris that Kashmir is again on the top agenda of the world today.

Lord Qurban said that the world has come to know the pain of lockdown, the world can now understand the pain and condition of Kashmiris.

Shaista Safi said: Kashmir is not going through any virus. It’s going through cancer ,that is a cancer of occupation. This cancer Just brings along many illnesses like such as rape , people are being maimed and they are being disappeared in thin air. We have seen the mass Graves. We have seen half widows. This is all what the cancer of occupation brings to the people of Kashmir.

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