Trotb Ministries 6 days leaders seminar Birmingham UK

Birmingham: TROTB 6 days leaders seminar held at Calvary Church, Handsworth, main purpose for the event was to help growing up leaders in the Christian faith. The speakers were pastor Vikram Shahi and his wife Pastor Ritu Shahi, alongside with Pastor John and his wife Tracey. For 6 days 30 delegates commit themselves to the seminar. The theme for the seminar was test of leadership, there pastor John shared the character of leadership what they should do and what they should not, then he finish with gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Tracey Jawanda shared how to be victorious in the wilderness. TROTB world pioneer pastor vikram Shahi, taught on time will test you, word will test you and very clearly showed your position in Christ, during the teaching when people received teaching and take on board, many of them got released from demonic oppression, people released from sickness and leaders raise in faith and stature. Pastor Ritu Shahi also lead the anointed worship, where Brother Jagtar and victor helped her. On last day delegates received their certificates and they were very much joyful because in many ways they got breakthrough. TROTB ministry is working around the globe equipping the body of Christ. They do networking, training and transforming. Many of their work you can check on their website

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