UK sensation, Subaig Singh, is set to launch his brand new single ‘’137 DI SPEED’’

UK sensation, Subaig Singh, who is currently making his mark on the international music scene, is set to launch his brand new single ‘’137 DI SPEED’’ to a worldwide audience, with a worldwide exclusive on PTC on 22nd February 2018.

The single is releasing through Mahaveer Records, Music is by Popsy the Music Machine, Lyrics by Laddi Gobindpuri and the video directed by award-winning producers, Rimpy Prince.

With the release of ‘’137 DI SPEED’’ Subaig Singh moves into uncharted territory, deviating away from traditional folk but yet articulating a modern sound that is wholly his own. That being said, the compositions and vocal stylings, once again, offer a humble nod to his Punjabi roots, that he holds so dear.

Complimented by a gritty, urban backdrop, Subaig Singh deftly manoeuvres through various forms and styles, ranging from traditional Punjabi to modern pop. ‘’137 DI SPEED’’ is more aggressive and introduces a new side to Subaig Singh. It still
carries the distinctness of Subaig Singh style music, but it also brings a more heavy electronic dance sound compared to his previous work. Make no mistake, this track is going to be the Punjabi Dance Anthem of 2018!

Available on iTunes from Thursday 22 nd February 2018

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