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Kashmiris take freedom battle to UN human rights headquarters in Geneva

GENEVA – Amid criminal silence by international community on India’s war crimes in occupied Kashmir, the Kashmiri diaspora groups collaborated and came together outside the UN Human Rights office in Geneva to remind it of universal values and why Kashmiris should not be forgotten.

Pressing the UN human rights body of speaking for voiceless Kashmiris, the Kashmiri diaspora members held demonstrations at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) office and urged it to hold India accountable for the war crimes and crimes against humanity New Delhi is committing in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK).

“The silence of the UNHRC on IIoJK raises questions about its credibility,” said Fahim Kayani, president of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, who led a joint Kashmiri diaspora group to Geneva.

“India is the biggest violator of international norms, UN resolutions and brutally violates universal human rights which demand international intervention in India where its judicial system has become party of Nazi-inspired military regime in IIoJK,” Kayani said.

The joint demonstration outside UHNRC headquarters in Geneva was initiated by Tehreek-e-Kashmir Italy and Kashmir delegation to Geneva where Azad Kashmir leadership of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) and Kashmir delegation Geneva Altaf Hussain Wani, Syed Faiz Naqshbandi, Sardar Amjad Yousaf , Hasan Banna, Advocate Pervez , Shamim Shaal, Professor Shagufta Ashraf , Dr Sahira Shah were invited as special guests.

Pointing to illegal abduction of the APHC leadership in IIoJK, Kayani said: “India cannot enjoy the perks and privileges of the western world where democracy and respect to human rights take precedence to any support.”

“On one side when India is trampling upon the values as espoused by the so-called international liberal order and on other hand same fascist regime in India is being given an easy passage for illegally occupying Kashmir which speaks volumes how double standards are at work,”

Urging the UNHRC to open its mouth and seek information from India on illegal abduction of the APHC Chief Masarat Alam and other APHC leaders including Yasin Malik, Shabir Shah, Naeem Ahmed Khan, Ayaz Akbar, Peer Saifullah, Altaf Fantosh, Asiya Andrabi, Fehmeeda Sofi, Nahida Nasreen, Zafar Akbar Bhat, Ghulam Muhammad Bhat, Dr Qasim Faktoo, Mehraj uddin Kalwal and others.

“The criminal silence by the human rights bodies is a slap on the mandate that United Nations has given to the UNHRC,” said Kayani.

Referring to illegal ban on schools run under Falah-e-Aam trust (FAT), or Welfare for All Trust, Kayani said Indian fascist regime is hell bent to devoid Kashmir youth of their religion, faith, traditions, culture and history.

“The ban on schools run by the FAT is one such attempt to keep Kashmiri youth away from the legacy which is rich in faith, tradition and struggle for a just and equal society,” said Kayani. “Education is a universal right of any human being but India has been given free hand by the western world to deny this right to Kashmiris.”

Hurriyat Leader Altaf Hussain Wani said the fascist Indian military regime was moving fast to artificially change the Muslim-majority character of the UN-designated disputed territory of the IIoJK.

“Indian military regime is settling millions of radical Hindus in IIOJK which is complete violation of Geneva Conventions and demand that steps by the UNHRC be taken to halt Indian nefarious designs,” said Wani, adding such steps are being taken by New Delhi to “affect change in the outcome of the plebiscite which has to be held in IIoJK come what may.”

Hurriyat Leader Syed Faiz Naqshbandi “India knows this bare truth that Kashmiris in IIoJK will vote against it in UN-monitored plebiscite and that is why it wants to affect changes in the demography of the region which is illegal and violation of the international law but silence of the UN bodies makes them complicit in these crimes against humanity,”

India has, so far, refused to implement UN resolutions on IIoJK which has given Kashmiris right to decide their political future.

Naqshbandi said UN and its bodies must rise to the occasion and hold India accountable on these brutal acts.

“By denying opportunity to Kashmiri youth to study,” Naqshbandi warned, “Indian military regime was pushing Kashmiri youth to wall which will be dangerous for times to come.”

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