Varun Dhawan says celebrities are to be blamed for selfie craze

Varun Dhawan thinks that the growing obsession among fans to click selfies with their favourite celebrities comes from the stars who make sure to posts their own pictures on social media.
He said that as a kid he saw Salman Khan shooting and people would come up and talk to him and he liked that conversation.
More than taking pictures, I like talking to my fans. Celebrities are to be blamed for this selfie craze because we post our so many photos every day. I think it’s unhealthy as well. It’s great to chat, to see people in real… Life is beautiful beyond pictures,” the actor said at today at the Mind Rocks summit by India Today.
Varun also spoke candidly about relationships and his thoughts about them. He said that he had his first serious, long-term relationship in college which lasted four months until she cheated on him.
“I think I dealt with it okay. I’m a little dramatic – I’m an actor, after all, so, I think I somewhere wanted to experience heartbreak anyway.”
He also opened up about his current girlfriend, Natasha Dalal, albeit after much persuasion.
“I don’t think I can say I have a life partner because we haven’t decided to get married but yes I do have someone I care a lot about.”
Varun is admired for his great physique but he believes that a good physique does not play any role in winning a woman’s heart in real life.
“A woman gets attracted to a man’s personality rather than the exterior, his looks. I don’t think it is easy for a guy with six-pack abs to woo women,” he said.

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