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India will not rule, I will not contest elections, said Omar Abdullah

Srinagar: “India will not rule, I will not contest elections,” said Omar Abdullah. Jammu and Kashmir will not participate in the assembly elections before the state status is restored. Former Chief Minister of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The Vice President of the National Conference, Omar Abdullah said that he will not contest the assembly elections as long as Jammu and Kashmir remains a Union Territory.

I may not, but the party will chart its own course when all the leaders are set free and given a chance to talk. I’ve made it clear that these are ONLY my thoughts, I am not speaking for the party. The party and its leaders will formulate our policy, not me as an individual

Not forgotten. The impression is being created that only statehood is required & all other aspects of 5th Aug have been washed away. That’s lazy & misleading. I’m have never placed statehood restoration above the fight for J&K’s special status yet the 370 comments get wiped out.

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