Women Who Accused Former Chief Constable of Bullying Given £1m

Two women who accused Scotland’s former chief constable, Phil Gormley, of bullying have been awarded an out-of court settlement worth over £1 million, the Scottish Daily Mail reports. Mr Gormley stepped down from his senior police position in February 2018 after being placed on “special leave” for five months pending an investigation into the allegations. Aimée Canavan and Lesley Brines, both former employees, brought legal actions to the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court after internal investigations at Police Scotland were dropped. Ms Canavan sought legal action after a complaint that she made as an inspector was dropped in the wake of Mr Gormley’s resignation. Ms Brines, who was his personal assistant, also sought damages. An out-of-court settlement has been agreed in which it is claimed that the two women will be paid “well over £1 million”, the Scottish Daily Mail reports. Liam Kerr, the Scottish Conservative justice spokesman, has said the incident has raised “serious questions” and has cost the taxpayer “a significant amount of money”. Mr Gormley has denied any wrongdoing and Police Scotland has said the force was not party to the proceedings.
Source: Scottish Legal News

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