Delimitation process to aid India’s settler colonialism in Kashmir: Kayani

LONDON – The so-called delimitation process initiated and concluded by the radical-Hindu fascist military regime in Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIoJK) is aimed at cementing settler colonialism in the UN-designated disputed territory, a UK-based leader said on Saturday.

“Let there be no confusion that Kashmiris in IIoJK reject these sham elections held under the barrel of gun,” said Fahim Kayani, president Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK.

During his discussions with different Kashmiri diaspora leaders regarding the delimitation process in IIoJK, Kayani said: “it is clear in UN resolutions, which give Kashmiris right to self-determination, that any election held under Indian constitution can never replace the universal right to decide fate of people regarding their political future.”

“The delimitation process will increase number of non-Muslim seats in the so-called legislative assembly in IIoJK which in turn will be used to pass laws against the interests of people of IIoJK,” Kayani warned, adding that these steps will only strengthen the settler colonialism in IIoJK.

Kayani said while India has already processed to settle millions of non-natives into the UN-designated disputed territory “but the fascist low-intensity terror regime of Modi wants to give these steps a local spin by introducing such laws through this farce assembly in IIoJK.”

“These steps to settle Indians in UN-designated disputed territory is a war crime and are being taken to affect the outcome of a plebiscite which India has to conduct under UN resolutions, come what may, anytime in future,” he said.

IIoJK is under illegal military occupation of India which has refused to hold plebiscite in the region as asked by the UN. The military regime run from New Delhi fears Kashmiris in IIoJK will vote for Pakistan thus fulfilling their long-time wish, said Kayani.

“To affect such an outcome,” the Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK president said, “India is pursuing settler colonialism and delimitation process is a part of it. Else, Kashmiris have never in past and will never in future accept these elections held under the barrel of Indian gun.”

Kayani said this process of settler colonialism is also being pursued by radical-Hindu officers imported from India into IIoJK. “While it is a Himalayan task to change in months the Muslim-majority character of IIoJK, the Indian military regime in IIoJK has air dropped radical Indian officers to structurally change the civil-police-educational set up in IIoJK,” he said.

The Kashmiri diaspora leader also pointed to blatant use of violence against Kashmiris where the Indian military regime is using different tactics to usurp properties, lands and residential properties of Kashmiris.

Referring to Palhallan area of Baramulla district where the Indian military regime has forcibly taken over and cut off orchard of a family, Kayani said: “these are tactics which apartheid Israel uses against Palestinians and same is being used against Kashmiris. It is time to stand up and hold India accountable. The land belongs to Kashmiris where India is an alien occupier.”

Lauding Pakistan Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari for expressing full support to freedom movement of Kashmiris in IIoJK during a speech in National Assembly, Kayani said: “the unflinching stand of Pakistan is vital, critical and lifeline for every Kashmiri who stands against India’s illegal military occupation of IIoJK.”

As one of the most important parties to Kashmir dispute, said Kayani, Pakistan must continue its state practice of pursuing diplomacy with UN and other countries regarding blatant violation of international law by India.

“A consistent diplomacy push laced with a firm stance by Islamabad is ethically and technically important for Kashmiris to stand like a wall against India’s belligerent policies in IIoJK,” said Kayani, urging Pakistan to avoid resuming trade or any other bilateral activity with India.

Kayani proposed a joint meeting between Foreign Minister Bilawal and Kashmiri diaspora leadership to deliberate upon the latest illegal actions by India and a roadmap to battle them.

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