Birmingham, 17 March 2018. Sikh and Kashmiri organisations today met in Birmingham and formed a campaign group to expose the fascist agenda of India’s Hindutva project, during the forthcoming visit to the UK of Indian PM Modi. The ‘Minorities Against Modi’ grouping will finalise its plans at a wider coalition-building meeting in Slough on 24 March 2018, but decided to launch the campaign in London on 15th April with a prominent public event. The campaign will raise issues of genocide and other anti-minority abuses in India, as well as the forcible denial of self-determination in Indian controlled Kashmir, Punjab, and other national homelands. Commonwealth leaders, British parliamentarians, and the wider public will be apprised of the dangers of the Hindutva project to innocent civilian populations as well as to international peace and security. Christians, Dalits, and others will be invited to join massive Sikh and Muslim diaspora communities in challenging PM Modi’s attempt to conceal from global attention his extremist BJP party mission to ‘Hinduize’ national and religious minorities. Lord Nazir Ahmed called on all likeminded people and organisations to join the campaign so that the international community can be galvanized to counter the evil ideology of hate which threatens tens of millions of people.

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